Responsibility guides what we do now and in the future.

Environmental responsibility

As an environmentally responsible company, we strive to operate in the best possible way for the environment. Key issues include product process design, reducing food waste, switching to biodegradable packaging materials, traceability of raw materials, climate and water protection, and waste recycling.

The meat used in campus restaurants is mainly domestic. The increased number of vegetarians has been taken into account and efforts are being made to improve the quality of vegetarian food. Providing vegetarian food increases the environmental responsibility of procurement as the proportion of meat procured decreases as vegetarian food increases.

Food waste reducing

We at Campus Restaurants also want to act responsibly with regard to food waste. Reducing waste is important to us and we have a goal to reduce food waste in all areas. We also wanted to involve our customers in reducing food waste. In cooperation with Biovaaka Oy, we have worked on this issue and been involved in developing new solutions. As an example of this, our restaurants use an automated plate loss tracking system that gives the diner feedback on discarded food. With the help of the biobalance service, we have also made food waste visible to our customers and we have achieved significant results in reducing food waste. During the year under review, we have been able to significantly reduce dish losses from diners.

We also wanted to bring food waste tracking into the daily lives of our kitchen staff. We introduced the Biovaaka Pro service for monitoring total kitchen waste. With the help of the service, we can follow the occurrence of food loss in the entire restaurant at different stages. The information obtained and comprehensive reports help us with menu planning and the development of operations, reducing food waste. (

Restaurant Lut Buffe uses the Resq app, which delivers overproduced food. Through the application, part of the overproduced  food can be utilized. In addition, we sell overcooked food daily to take home.


Kampusravintolat Oy also participates in climate talks with the City of Lappeenranta. When we join as a Greenreality partner, we commit to three goals that promote the company’s environmental friendliness. The first goal is to further reduce plate loss by cooperating with students and informing about the loss even before the line. Another goal is to direct customers to vegetarian food by diversifying and developing vegetarian food options. The third goal in cooperation with customer companies is to steer conference catering in a more environmentally friendly direction.