Our lunch

There are many flavors, so we want to offer several lunch options and tasty experiences to our customers every day.

The best moment of the day!

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, so Kampusravintolat wants to create for you the best moment of the day and a break in the middle of everyday life with good food.

In our restaurants you will enjoy a varied lunch that meets the student dining recommendations.

Our tasty lunch is prepared in the hands of our professional chefs from the beginning – according to our own recipes.

When making lunch, we follow the Finnish nutrition recommendations so that you know you are eating food that supports your well-being. We are constantly developing our recipes so that we can prepare food according to our customers preferences.

In the daily changing menus of our restaurants you will find tasty home-cooked lunches as well as fresh salads. From four different food options, you can choose the food that suits for you. Lunch includes the main course, salad bar, bread and drinks

At Lut Buffet we also have the Grill, which offers the university community a variation in everyday life. The portions of the grill offers suitable options for many tastes, and we also try to consider vegetable options.

Our restaurant is covered by Kela’s meal support. You can get a student-priced lunch in our restaurants by showing a valid student card or Kela’s meal support card. Kela supports students’ meals for € 2,55 per meal.

In addition to students and the college community, we welcome anyone who craves tasty food for the best moment of their day. Welcome to relax in our cozy restaurants and enjoy our happy service!

Lunch prices

  • Vegetable soup: Students (KELA-benefit) 2,15 € / Students 4,70 € / LAB & LUT staff 6,70 € / Guests 8,80 €
  • Vegetable lunch: Students (KELA-benefit) 2,95 € / Students 5,50 € / LAB & LUT staff 7,50 € / Guests 10,50 €
  • Homemade lunch: Students (KELA-benefit) 2,95 € / Students 5,50 € / LAB & LUT staff 7,50 € / Guests 10,50 €

Special diets

For lunch, we offer options suitable for more general diets. We also prepare lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan diets every day. Special diets and allergens are marked on the menu. If you do not find the food for you due to a special diet, you can ask our staff for a suitable option for you.

Make your daily life easier!

We will help you make your daily life easier, as we will also sell food out at the end of the day, if possible.

You can come and ask our staff 0.5 hours before closing our restaurants for lunch.

The price of the food sold out is € 3.50 / 0.75 liter box.